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  • Rooted By Danny Goldsmith

Rooted is a groundbreaking exploration of a fundamental principle that many magicians overlook because they’ve never been shown its true potential. 


In this meticulous masterclass, you'll learn to harness this simple technique to devastating effect.


What's included?

Mangonel Vanish: 

This vanish (inspired by the 4th Century BC Greek battles) is beyond visual and ends completely clean with both hands empty. 

Coin to Cap: 

Coin to cap is a fun, playful routine where a coin is transported from one hand into the cap of a Sharpie. 

Teaching includes…

  • The Pangolin vanish (a powerful vanish that is VERY easy to do.)

  • The ‘Melting’ subtlety (an easy presentation technique that makes the whole routine more motivated and plays around with some fun sound manipulation.) 

  • A clever application of a well-known palm that allows the coin to really look as if it drops out of the cap. 

Flying Pangolin Vanish:


This crazy visual vanish can be performed sitting down or standing up. 

It’s also performed completely on feel which allows you to know with certainty whether your timing was correct, even when there’s no mirror around. 

Coin to selected card: 


The spectator selects a card, and shuffles it back into the deck. The cards, after being returned to the box, are placed on top of a coin. 

You lift the box up to reveal that the coin has vanished. When you take the cards out of the box, you find the coin on top of their selected card!

Teaching includes…


  • A very simple method (the whole thing happens in 2 simple moves.) 

  • An easier way of performing the whole routine that reduces it to just ONE sleight! (But is admittedly less visual.) 

  • A powerful and completely unspoken convincer that will leave the spectator convinced the coin really did travel through the box. 

  • A section where Danny reveals one of the ways he easily performs powerful card magic that he’s never shared anywhere before. (so many magicians overlook this simple card technique!) 

Bonus effects, theory, and training including:


  • How to completely vanish multiple coins one after the other silently.

  • How to produce stacks of coins, cards, and more from empty hands.

  • How to Invisibly retrieve a completely vanished coin.

  • How to bring gimmicks in and out of play invisibly.

  • How to show empty hands before changing a coin into a sharpie without the hands ever leaving the view of the spectators.

  • How to use the Pangolin vanish for a full coins across routine! 


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Rooted By Danny Goldsmith

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