• Truffle Shuffle by Derek Delgaudio

Derek DelGaudio - Truffle Shuffle

You know overlapping shuffle it? You know how after the order of overlapping shuffling cards will not mess it?

This teaching will teach you step by step in detail in the most unlikely of cheating in the shuffle method to finish your great miracle.

Demonstration effect : http://store.dananddave.com/truffle-shuffle.html

Derek DelGaudio s Truffle Shuffle has been described as the most deceptive false shuffle to date. It happens in the hands and resembles a standard riffle shuffle exactly so there's nothing to suspect. Learn the shuffle and all the subtleties from one of the best card magicians today Unlike other in the hands false shuffles out there the Truffle Shuffle both looks and sounds exactly like a standard shuffle would. Show even your closest magic buddies and they will swear the cards were shuffled together. The illusion is perfect.In this 14 minute video Derek goes over everything you need to know about the Truffle Shuffle in intricate detail. Derek also tips several alternate methods that might be necessary for certain situations.

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Truffle Shuffle by Derek Delgaudio

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