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Aaron Alexander - Zodiac Killer


“That’s also why there doesn’t have to be such a thing as astrology or Zodiacs for this to be interesting, because we all respond automatically and emotionally in an amazing way, just by being human.” 

The Zodiac Killer is a method that allows a performer to know aspects of someone’s personality, past events, hopes and dreams, which are revealed in a very powerful star sign reading.  On top of that, they do not even tell the performer this information, or their star sign, or their birthday – the performer tells them.  Simple elements come together naturally and invisibly to create an unforgettable experience for the participant.

“I kind of don’t want to know because it got me so good. The whole process didn’t feel like a process at all, it felt like a really interesting reflection time that revolved around positive experiences. Everything honestly felt fair and in the correct place. Overall this encapsulates the kind of work I really love, it was engaging, felt real, tickled all the right emotions and pimp slapped you at the end with a ginormous revelation of some of the most potent commercial information you can reveal.”  -Jackob Smith

“You have hit it out of the park with this one!  By far the most organic and versatile star sign divination I have seen.  So many mentalism releases are over-hyped and underwhelming it is really refreshing to come across something that unexpectedly kills.  I am stoked that I will never have to resort to anagrams or peeks for divining a star sign ever again, thank you sir!”    -Blair Franklyn

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Zodiac Killer by Aaron Alexander

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