• Miracles With Your Business Cards by Jay Sankey

Jay Sankey - Miracles With Your Business Cards

Demonstration effect : http://www.sankeymagic.com/detail.aspx?ID=48305

  • Features MORE THAN 20 magic & mentalist effects you can perform with your own business cards!
  • Many of the routines are VERY EASY to do!
  • Learn all of Jay's strongest business card routines over the past 20 years + many brand new effects!
  • Over 40 minutes of BONUS FEATURES!
  • All required sleights, forces and techniques are taught in complete detail!

    ".. This stuff is wonderfully DOABLE Lean magic routines Really appreciate all the effort you obviously put into it." - Cary D.

    "Lethal Combination is the best handling on the stapled plot I've seen Did it several times last night at a party GREAT reactions..!" - Moze H.

    The 'Out to Lunch' section rocks Jay could've released just those tricks on a separate dvd Fabulous "-... Van G.

    "I wish I learned these routines years ago I would've amazed hundred of clients by now.." - Terence E.

    "Jay's 'Re: Schedule' effect is a real mind-blower." - George P.

    ". I work restaurants I added 'Creepy Crawlers' and" Submariner' to my work right away Could not be happier with this purchase "-.. Mike R.

    "I won an advanced copy of the Miracles dvd. It arrived this morning. I spent most of the afternoon watching and re-watching it. Jay does a brilliant job of presenting many wonderful effects. I'm going to start performing 'Seeing Things , '' Fresh Ink, 'and' Signed & Stapled 'right away "-! Sean L.

    "! Sankey's 'Miracles With Your Business Cards' was definitely worth the wait Love it!" - Rod D.

    "I'm a salesmen by profession and I only do a few magic tricks, but thanks to Jay Sankey's new DVD I'm definitely going to be showing my clients a lot more magic The routines are very visual and pretty easy!." - Grant S.

    "I'm still waiting for Jay to produce a DVD that is not worth at least TWICE was he's charging The new business card DVD is no exception Order it now..!" - Mike W.

    Learn effects using your business cards with coins, playing cards, spoons, drawings, matchbooks, markers, staplers, handkerchiefs, flash paper and more!


    SIGNED & STAPLED / Jay's super direct handlng of the classic 'stapled' effect with a SIGNED selection! The signed card stapled to your business card makes for a KILLER souvenir !!

    CREEPY CRAWLERS / Three small 'bugs' drawn on three business cards mysteriously gather together onto one card! Easy, magical and extremely entertaining !!

    TURNING POINT / A business card intialed by a spectator mysteriously turns over in a packet of business cards several times in a row !!

    FRESH INK / Mysteriously 'print' a business card at a moment's notice !!

    POWER LUNCH / The magician visually pulls the spectator's initials off one business card and SLAPS them onto another !!

    A FORMAL AFFAIR / Cause the DRAWING of a spoon to mysteriously bend !!

    MEMORY LAPSE / A spectator is 'influenced' to forget a detail everybody else clearly remembers! Shocking mental effect !!

    CHANGE IN DIRECTION / Three business cards, three freshly drawn arrows and a startling visual change. Completely impromptu and you end CLEAN !!

    SEEINGS THINGS / A few holes are punched in a business card, but with just a wave of the magicians hands, all the holes visually disappear! And the business card can be immediately handed out for examination !!



    This technique is perfect for business card routines and Jay covers it in rare detail including the timing and rhythm, executing it 'on the table,' 'on the knee' and even 'on the card case.' Many essential small details are explained!


    Five super commercial effects based on Gene Gordon's beautifully deceptive 'Out To Lunch' principal. So easy, so MAGICAL!


    Jay used to work in an advertising agency, so it's no surprise he has some solid advice on designing your business card!


    Jay shows you how to prepare your business cards for effects involving playing cards + several routines with 'gimmicked' business cards.


    Jay came up with this very cool technique years ago and share it for the very first time!


    Jay teaches you several different methods for dramatically transforming a freely selected card into your own business card! The perfect magical transition!

    Order the ULTIMATE RESOURCE for performing incredible magic and mentalism with your own business cards TODAY!

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Miracles With Your Business Cards by Jay Sankey

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