• Tarbell 87 Novelty Magic Part 1 by Dan Harlan
Borrowed Ring in Box:
A borrowed ring vanishes from your bare hands and re-appears in an isolated ring box on view the whole time.

TV Surprise:
A versatile method to produce a series of objects from a handkerchief that you can customize to your needs on a moment's notice.

Ed Mishell's Ribbon-Cut:
A direct cut-and-restored ribbon with a clean, bare-handed display.

The Electro-Static Cigarette:
A fun, and puzzling, stunt with a borrowed cigarette.

Glenn Gravatt's Word Matching:
An audience-participation word-matching routine, now reframed and redesigned to appeal to modern sensabilities.

Glenn Gravatt's Color Ring Penetration:
Four different-color, secret prize bags hang on a solid stick held by your helper. The chosen color penetrates off and everything can be examined.

Ungimmicked Balloon Penetration:
Two pencils penetrate a standard 260 balloon trapped in a tube without any damage.

Dave Lederman's Thimbles & Pea:
A wonderfully charming way to present the shell game with thimbles, segueing into the world's smallest
cups and balls routine complete with large, final loads.

The Diminishing Golf Ball:
A golf ball visibly shrinks in size until it ultimately disappears.

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Tarbell 87 Novelty Magic Part 1 by Dan Harlan

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