• Swinging Spirit Bell by Jolyon Jenkins

This is named the "Swinging Spirit Bell" because its main attraction is that it swings on a string or chain, out in the open, assembled by a spectator. It can also be used up close and under strong lighting conditions. Since it's in the Magi-Tronic Magic section, we assume you know that it is radio and remotely controlled. Because it operates differently from the previous Radio Controlled Spirit Bell (although the effect is the same) we thought it deserved its own special section.

Unlike Spirit Bells costing hundreds of dollars, you can make this yourself from parts costing about $40.00 (you will need some electronic parts which can be sourced from the author for $20, plus another electronic part that will cost about $10 ). The tiny bell hangs on a simple wood construction which can be put together by a spectator, and afterwards taken apart by a spectator. On command, the bell rings to answer questions (once for yes, twice for no ) to reveal numbers or locate playing cards, etc. Because it is Radio Controlled, the performer can be located at quite a distance from the bell, and the unit can be remotely operated either by the performer, or by a secret assistant.

Other uses for the Spirit Bell, apart from the obvious seances, are suggested and described in the e-Book.

Note: This is an e-Book of instructions for building the effect, and not the actual prop itself. You make the device following photos and instructions and get the parts from sources suggested by the author. The purchase of any of these e-Books entitles you to construct one item for your own personal use. If you are interested in acquiring a manufacturing licence please contact the author via the Magic Nook. Copying and resale of any e-Book is prohibited by International Copyright law.

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Swinging Spirit Bell by Jolyon Jenkins

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