• Simple Collector by Kimoon Do

You place the 4 Kings on the deck.

Once you snap, the spectator's selected 3 cards instantly transports in between the Kings!

This renowned 'Collector' routine has been peformed throughout the years but

Kimoon Do's Simple Collector is the routine which has no unnecessary moves
which makes the trick so clean!

Easily locate the spectator's selected cards with finesse!

All you have to do is show the 4 Kings to the spectators and place them on top of the deck.

No fishy moves, and the audience is astonished!

- No Setup required.
(Just prepare an ordinary deck of cards)
- Detailed instruction video in multiple angels and slow motions in HD quality!

| Running time : 17 min | Eng Subtitles

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Simple Collector by Kimoon Do

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