• Rope Melange by Aldo Colombini

Aldo Colombini - Rope Melange

By popular demand. Give us more rope tricks, people are crying! Here we are!

  • CUT N 'SHAKE ROPE ( Karrell Fox ): This is a NEW, different and VERY QUICK, cut and restored rope effect.
  • TUBULOS (Aldo Colombini):. The magician cuts a rope into two lengths and ties the two ropes together in a knot He places the knot into a tube and, after some by-play, the knot disappears and the rope is shown fully restored. Ideal for kids shows.
  • COLOR CHANGING KNOTS (Rink):. Two pieces of rope, one red and one white You tie a knot on each rope and the knots change places: The white is on the red rope and vice versa the red now is on the white rope.
  • ROPE TRICK NO. 221 ( Karrell Fox ): You show two pieces of rope, one in each hand The ropes just seem to melt together into one long piece of rope..
  • JUMPING KNOTS (Rink): Three knots tied on a white rope, vanish and reappear on a red rope.
  • KNOT KNOTS (Aldo Colombini): A yellow rope is placed in a bag Three more ropes (red, green and blue) are shown and a knot is tied on each rope The knots vanish and reappear on the yellow rope which now has three.. colored knots along it. The knots are untied and seen to be part of the yellow rope.
  • ROPE TRICK NO. 421 ( Karrell Fox ):. This is a running gag that combines magic and comedy After a few attempts, four pieces of rope visibly change to one length of rope.
  • ON THE PROFESSOR'S NIGHTMARE (Aldo Colombini): At the end of the standard routine, the three stretched ropes INSTANTLY change back to their original short, medium and long lengths.
  • THE SLIDING KNOT (Tom Hubbard): A rope is cut into two The two ropes are knotted The knot is slid off the rope leaving the rope restored...
  • THE POOR'S MAN ROPE TRICK (Fred Robinson): This is a way of doing the cut and restored rope, in which there are no replacements, because nothing is really severed Great idea.!

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Rope Melange by Aldo Colombini

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