• Roberto Giobbi LIVE ACT

3 Hrs. video

"This is the close up table Act that Roberto Giobbi has used professionally to make a living for many years. Even if you are familiar with the classic effects Giobbi uses, you will find valuable ideas, insight, and tips that only come from years of honing and perfecting them. Giobbi makes the classics better. Highly recommended." - Tim Trono

'Roberto Giobbi’s brilliant lectures are clear and pedagogical, based on immense knowledge in magic. Roberto Giobbi is a true connoisseur in many fields. He doesn’t serve you a quick meal. Rather his menu in magic begins with a tasteful starter, followed by a powerful main course and an exciting dessert. When he talks you listen and when he handles the cards he really catches your attention and creates the essence of attractive magic. Roberto Giobbi’s card work can be characterized in a few words: Elegant simplicity with economizing of moves, delicate misdirection guided by a powerful logic story."-Lennart Green 

"Roberto – You are an inspiration to thinking magicians everywhere." -Pete McCabe 

"Roberto Giobbi is the perfect combination of scholar' teacher' and performer. As a scholar he has studied the literature of card magic, examining the best effects, methods and techniques. As a teacher, he has (in his Card College series) organized this material in a logical, structured way that effectively leads the student along the path toward mastery. As a performer he knows the importance of presentation, management, and psychology and he has incorporated this information in his books. Through these accomplishments, Roberto Giobbi has become one of the most important voices of 2Ist Century conjuring." -Michael Close 

"There is not a magician alive today who wouldn't benefit from studying Mr. Giobbi...He's kind of the King Midas of card effects. His touch on classic plots turns them to gold." -Jeff Stone 


What will he teach? 

This is the close up Act Roberto has been using professionally for 25-30 years for real paying audiences.

The Act:

Professional Paper to Money

Torn & Restored Thread

Sponges - Sponge ball and Bowl Routine

Ring to Wallet Routine


Who is he?

Roberto Giobbi has an international reputation as one of the finest teachers of magic ever known. Of course, we all know him as the author of the bestselling Card College series, which is the most widely translated text in the history of magic and considered globally as the ultimate reference work for card magicians everywhere. He's also written for over 50 magic magazines worldwide and has received the coveted Literary Fellowship from the Academy of Magical Arts. If that wasn't impressive enough, he's been twice a FISM-winner. In 2014 the Magic Circle of London bestowed upon him their John Nevil Maskelyne Literary Prize, and in 2015 he received the The FISM Special Award for Theory & Philosophy. Roberto Giobbi is a master of the technical, psychological, and dramatic foundations of all excellent magic.

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Roberto Giobbi LIVE ACT

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