• Seance by Dixie Dooley

Dixie Dooley - Seance ( including prophecy blackboard Liu Qian )

The Effects:
Spirit Slates - Make spirit messages appear on covered chalkboards.
Spirit Cloth - A bell rings, a tambourine rustles, a hand reaches up and grabs you.
Haunted Key - This bizarre little key has a mind of its own.
Haunted Deck -. One of the scariest card tricks in the world The deck moves by itself to find your selected card!
The Devil's Ashes - Messages materialize from ashes sprinkled on your arm.
The Houdini Spirit Table - This is the table Houdini used to expose the fraudulent spirit tricks of the Boston Medium Margery This table was in Dixie's possession for six years before he discovered the gimmick This is the first time the gimmick has ever been exposed.!.
In the S??ance Room - Dancing Handkerchiefs, The Glorpy, The Crystal Ball, The Large Floating Table, Black Art and more!
Spirit Cabinet - Your assistant is placed in a trance, tied up, and enclosed in a Spirit Cabinet The spirits in the room make themselves known by creating any number of strange, impossible, and often hilarious disturbances inside the cabinet..
The Zombie - Learn the world's most mysterious floating ball effect with Dixie's professional advice on transitioning in to your Zombie routine.
This Old Haunted House:
The Spirit Table - You'll learn how to build a spirit table step-by-step for under $ 100. This same table would cost over $ 300 if you bought it in a shop.
Spirit Slates -. Dixie talks you through the construction of your own Spirit Slates These Spirit Slates can be constructed for under $ 10, and in a store they might cost upwards of $ 50.
Comedy S??ance:
Watch as Dixie performs a comedy s??ance in his "World of the Unreal" show at the Boardwalk Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. This routine will give you dozens of ideas and help you incorporate the spirit effects you've just learned into your act.

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Seance by Dixie Dooley

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