• October 2022 by Penguin Magic Monthly


Learn the most exciting, entertaining, and innovative routines you've ever seen with a 52-on-1 card. Make impossible predictions, shrink a deck of cards, and change the photos on a spectator's phone. You can do all of this and more as soon as you pick up this copy of Penguin Magic Monthly and the included Bicycle gaffed playing card. Pick it up for free during the month of October with every physical order at Penguin Magic over $50.

Here's a taste of what you learn this month:

by George Schindler
Introduction by Nathan Kranzo

George Schindler created perhaps the most popular routine in the world using the 52-on-1 card. You can learn his original routine exactly as he first marketed it so many years ago. This is the routine that made the 50-on-1 a bonafide classic. This routine is still used by thousands of professionals every day all over the world.

by Steve Beam
Introduction by Josh Burch

Blow up and shrink a deck of cards at will with Steve Beam's innovative ideas. All 52 cards visually shrink to fit on a single playing card you can carry in your wallet! That same card can be expanded to create an entire, full-sized, deck of cards.

by Dean Dill

One of the cleanest card predictions you'll ever see from a legend in close-up magic. Place a card face down on the table, they freely name a card, and that's the card on the table. This application of the 52-on-1 card is a hardcore fooler.

by Jon Armstrong

Shrink a signed playing card, then return it to its original size. This is a go-to routine from one of the world's greatest close-up magicians.

by Ryan Schlutz

Change a photo on a spectator's phone. It's like a piece of James Bond technology in real life, and it could already be on your phone! This one principle has thousands of mind bending applications.

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October 2022 by Penguin Magic Monthly

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