• November 2022 by Penguin Magic Monthly

Penguin Magic Monthly: November 2022 (Magazine)


Franz Harary gives a behind-the-scenes look at one of the most iconic illusions of all time: the vanishing of the Goodyear Blimp! Franz details the challenges that came with this incredible illusion, performing it for live news cameras, and even gives us a peek at some of the methods and techniques that went into this incredible illusion. We also include a versatile magic device that you can use to mark cards, cut to whatever card you would like, and find selected cards blindfolded. This is the diamond sticker issue of Penguin Magic Monthly with thoughts and routines from some of the greatest minds in card magic including Doug Conn, R. Paul Wilson, Nathan Kranzo, Steve Mayhew, and Ryan Plunket.

Making an American Icon Disappear with Franz Harary
Take a behind-the-scenes look at how Franz Harary made the Goodyear Blimp vanish on live television. Franz Harary creates the biggest illusions in the world, in this interview he shares insights, secrets, and methods never before discussed.

Tactile Key Card by Doug Conn
Doug Conn's is a world renouned street performer. His videos have become extremely popular online and we were able to convince him to share an interesting application of this months gimmick where you can find a selected card completely blindfolded!

Crimp Slap by Steve Mayhew
Toss the deck on the table and watch as it cuts itself in half revealing the selected card. Steve Mayhew is at it again with an off-the-wall card miracle.

One-Handed Ace Cutting by Nathan Kranzo
Cut to the aces one at a time with this classic updated by Nathan Kranzo. This one is so easy you can find the aces with your eyes closed!

Thoughts on the Sticker Card by R. Paul Wilson
R. Paul Wilson teaches an incredible magician fooler with his double card reveal. This effect uses a mixture of methods, is self-working, and will fool everyone.

Subtle Sticker Placement by Ryan Plunkett
Cut to any card you wish with this clever application of the diamond stickers included in this month's issue. Turn any deck into a secret weapon in just a few seconds!

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November 2022 by Penguin Magic Monthly

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