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  • Atlas By Titor & Coinludens

This collection of works is a downloadable content (instructional video).

[1st release produced by CoinLudens]
The long-awaited debut release of Titor's first collection of works!

Three Matrixes filled with Titor's creativity, and a full explanation of the production techniques he cherishes.

Filming and production was handled by Coinludens.
The explanation is shot from multiple angles, allowing the viewer to observe every detail of the movements.
Please enjoy this collection of high quality films.


Just by shifting the cards on the coins placed in the four corners, the coins gather in one place one after another.
You can continuously show that you have nothing hidden in your hands.

◆Sleight Reverse Matrix

Four coins placed in one corner instantly move to the remaining four corners.
Although the difficulty is high, the impact is great.

A reverse matrix that will completely destroy even the magicians.
By using a simple but clever solution, this procedure has achieved the highest degree of impossibility.

◆Torque Move

A coin appears at the magician's fingertip without any motion.
It may look like some sort of trickery, but it is done without any gimmick.
Learn the secrets of Titor's favorite technique.


Many examples of Torque Move applications are included. 

1. Production - Expanding Motion
This technique expresses the nuance of a coin expanding from a shrunken state. 

2. Production - Polishing
This technique is combined with the stroking motion. 

3. Production - Ramsey Subtlety
A technique that takes advantage of no motion and uses it as a secret move.

4. Spellbound
The coin changes to another coin in an instant.
It looks extremely good on video.

5. Shuttle Pass
A technique that makes two coins appear to be one coin.


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Atlas By Titor & Coinludens

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