• Mnemonica Miracles (1-5) by Juan Tamariz

Juan Tamariz - Mnemonica Miracles (1-5)

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Juan latest video teaching the great God himself , Juan Detailed licensing program ! It contains over 20 complete process , as well as details of the elements and valuable suggestions. If you already have a Mnemonic, then this series of video instruction cards for you to understand the sequence will be a huge help, especially where the various proposals put forward Juan .

The memorized deck has evolved into one of our most powerful principles and Mnemonica, by Juan Tamariz is recognized by many as the most important book on the subject. Shortly after its publication, Juan began a personal project to document some of his favorite effects on video . Using his own cameras he recorded live shows and spent hours revealing the methods, principles and ideas that he uses to turn ingenious card tricks into unforgettable miracles.

These homemade videos are more than just a record of Juan's thinking on the memorized deck - they are a priceless record of his personal approach to this incredibly powerful principle in magic.

Juan explains over twenty routines complete with essential tips and valuable advice. Juan also includes a volume filled with essential tools for the mem-deck performer.
This represents a treasure trove of secret information. If you have ever wanted to master this principle, it's easily worth its weight in gold.

Details: 5 DVDs Hours of instruction Over 20 routines In English....

Prediction (p91)
- Hofzinser Method performed and explained as per the book.

Telescopic Coincidence (p228)
- Performed and explained as per the book.

All of a Kind (p94)
- Includes Tamariz's "one more note" regarding his handling post-effect for putting the deck back into proper stack.

Answering Computer (p220)
- Presentation of one of the infinite possibilities with this During the explanation, Tamariz shows a slightly different take on the maze (not that I've ever used it) than is described in the book to illustrate that you can tailor any questions / directions. / whatever to the upcoming cards.

Everything in Order (p35)
For me, this was the winner on DVD 1.
- Very cool to see this performed I've never used the antifaro-4 table deal, but he actually made it seem not completely ridiculous Also, in the explanation, his little nuance of ending with a Charlier cut to apparently toss the remainder.. into the middle I like that very much.
- Cool point you might miss: his explanation showed a slightly different way to get into staystack that never dawned on me (He did not do it in the presentation - there, he did it as is in the book) This one!. almost flew right past me, until I realized he skipped a step I expected - and I had to rewind to figure out why I will definitely be using this..
- Also, in the presentation, he demonstrates interesting motivations / effects for two of the processes normally used to get back into staystack (which are the two processes he explains in the book, but I do not recall reading these motivations / effects.)
- Tamariz ends the explanation of Everything in Order with a presentation-to-the-camera and explanation of "A Grand Bridge Deal" (p35).

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Mnemonica Miracles (1-5) by Juan Tamariz

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