• Lip Service by Chris Hanowell
Your everyday carry just got spun up to 11. Perform highly visual animations with nothing more than your lip balm. No magnets, wires, or electronics required. Catch your audience’s eyes with Lip Service by Chris Hanowell.

Here’s what happens:

The magician shows everyone what looks like a perfectly ordinary lip balm tube. The spectators are invited to gently rub the side of the tube and it slowly begins to spin. This phase can be instantly repeated. To prove that the animations happen without the magician’s hands, the magician can hold to tube gently in their mouth where it spins like a top. When your audience demands to look inside, you take the lid off and all they see is lip balm.

Chris Hanowell develops wildly visual effects that get big reactions from his audience. This digital download will teach you how to construct your Lip Service gimmick using ordinary objects you already have in your home. The build is easy, and you’ll be performing Lip Service the same day you learn it. The gimmick does almost all the work for you. Put astonishment on their face with Lip Service by Chris Hanowell.

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Lip Service by Chris Hanowell

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