• Intersection By Hondo

This unusual effect is so visual, so strange, and so seamless in appearance that we wondered, "What's the catch?" But here at Vanishing Inc. Magic, we put everything to the test before we promote it. We're happy to report that "Intersection" is as fun to perform as it is visual. When you perform it, it will look just like the demo in the trailer: two cards seemingly melt through each other in weird, beautiful ways. This effect differs from typical penetration effects because there appears to be no pivot point or slit or gaff on one of the objects. Of course, there is, but it's so cleverly designed and concealed that we were entirely fooled by it.

You receive everything you need to perform this effect. At the end, a simple switch allows both cards to be examined. If you wish, you can perform this penetration effect with a dollar bill. This looks hyper-visual and would make an ideal clip for social media or a television appearance, and yet it has the practical angles and handling benefits of being a worker piece in your strolling repertoire.

Here are some key points to remember:

  • Super visual
  • Easy to do
  • Instant reset
  • Examinable handlings taught
  • Easy to re-make the gimmick (should you ever need to)

This pocket size illusion is as fun to play with as it is to watch. The gimmick is well made and the instructions teach you everything you need to know.

"Intersection is such an amazing visual. It's pure eye candy"
- Nicholas Lawrence

"Intersection is an impossible close-up illusion. It fooled me badly"
- Hanson Chien

"Incredibly visual and surprisingly simple. This is what magic should look like."
- Eric Chien

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Intersection By Hondo

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