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  • How To Control Minds (Complete) by Peter Turner

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You Will Get ALL of This:

#1. The TryPrinciple

A technique with unlimited possibilities, seriously. Make people unable to lift a pen out of their own hand, stop them from saying their own name. Stick their feet to the floor.

Any single hypnotic feat you've ever seen, you can replicate EASILY with this technique.

#2. The Force

This is the one where people will scream that you're a "JEDI". Push someone over with your invisible force.You don't touch them.

#3. Insurance

Whether it's in front of 2 or 2,000 people, Insurance allows you to steal a thought from someone's head and 'hypnotically' replace it with one of your own.

The best thing is, when they try and repeat the steps to try and catch you out - they can't, so the only possibility they can think of is that you ACTUALLY DID what you said you would.

#4. Hand Stick

This is the easiest mind control phenomenon in the kit - and it's probably the most impressive.

You get a stranger's hand to stick to the table and then stop them from being able to say their own name. This is not a hypnotic trance that just works on some people, this is pure, raw suggestion.

Even if you forget what you're doing halfway through or it goes wrong, Pete will provide you with a surefire 'out' that makes it look like it worked perfectly, 100% of the time.

HAND STICK BONUS routine: When you've got your subject exactly where you want them, you'll be able to force them to say their secret pin code, instead of their name. They can't hold it back.

#5. IPI (aka. Instant Pseudo Induction)

Without touching them, you'll be able to get a stranger to instantly fall into a hypnotic trance. You can't fail this. It's not real hypnosis but it actually looks better than real hypnosis. Fast & elegant. You'll blow people away with this.

#6. Robin Hood

Two words. Daylight robbery. This is the technique that only TV shows in the middle-east were brave enough to air - because it looks so real.

Within 20 seconds, put someone into a trance and when they open their eyes they'll start to give you ALL of their precious belongings. Phone, keys, wallet - everything.

... but this isn't about theft, it's for entertainment, so the spectator leaves with all of their possessions and a powerful lesson on how easy it is for the mind to not only be read - but to be controlled.

#7. Ambidextrous

Swap someone's ability to write from their one hand to the other. We all know how hard it is to write with our non-dominant hand, simple words look like complex scribbles. With this technique, you'll be able to switch your participant's ability from one hand to the other. This mind control technique is much simpler than it sounds.

#8. Knock-back Induction

This is exactly what people expect when they see 'hypnosis' for entertainment. Super visual. Maybe the most visual induction ever created. One participant falls back it's a deep and startling trance. If you want to get reactions from the other side of the room, this is the one you do.


Steal their strength so they can't push an object across the table.

Using mental barriers, not physical ones, you can deplete their strength so even the tiniest friction between an object and the tabletop is too much to overcome.

Try as they might, they CANNOT move it.


Invisibly touch strangers from 6 feet away. They really do feel it. This is a true reputation maker. Pete's go-to effect and most prized creation. This can be the first and last thing you'll ever do and you'll leave the room with god-like status.

You can touch someone else on random parts of their body and the person across the room, with no one near them, will feel EVERYTHING. 3 invisible touches turn the experience into pure gold.

Even if you only learned this one thing from the kit - you'd instantly gain a powerful reputation among everyone you meet as the person who can control minds... and you can always prove it.


There is one technique that entertainers use on TV, Netflix, or Stage in almost every performance. This technique, once applied, will elevate basic effects to the realm of miracles.

You can choose whether or not you want to apply it, but if you're performing on social media, stage, or video - this is the secret sauce that stops people ever working out 'how' you control minds. No matter how many times they rewind.

+*BONUS* Mind Control Jam Session

Pete is constantly developing this material. Even if you're a big fan of his and watch everything he's ever done, you still haven't seen all of his subtleties and touches. In this casual jam session with world-renowned magic consultant Mark Lemon, the guys discuss their experiences performing each item.

They squeeze every last bit of juice from each routine and technique to give you maximum impact.

They also discuss any difficulties they've experienced performing these techniques and exactly how to overcome difficult spectators, hecklers, and less-suitable locations.

For beginners, you can graduate to this in time. It'll be right there for you when you need it.

For pros, this is where you'll gain the most value if you already do some of this stuff because you're watching two experts in their field, build upon the techniques you thought you knew well.Adding extra nuances & powerful subtleties along the way.

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How To Control Minds (Complete) by Peter Turner

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