• Dmb Spread Control 2.0 by Franco Pascali

Control a card to the bottom or top of the deck - under impossibly fair conditions.

To the spectator, the card never leaves their sight - their selection is openly shown to be in the middle of the spread and is in full view the entire time. They can even push the card in themselves. But it's too late - the card has already been controlled to the bottom of the deck.

An updated, streamlined handling of the original DMB Spread Control. Franco Pascali took the original DMB Spread Control, fine-tuned it, and made one of the cleanest and most deceptive card controls ever.

One of the cleanest card controls on the market.

This new version has significant advantages to any other bottom control and is - by far - the most versatile. Franco goes over the basic handling as well as essential tips, advice, and bonus variations that enable you to control the selection to the TOP of the deck... and so much more.

To put the control to use right away, Dan Buck's effect 'Subway' is included with in-depth, detailed instruction directly from the creator himself.

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Dmb Spread Control 2.0 by Franco Pascali

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